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610 Baseball Showcase II (2020-2022 Grads) (16U)

Coaches, Parents, Players
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Cost $895.00 - 6 team limit - CLOSED
Age Group 16 and under
Tournament Dates 7/7/2018 to 7/8/2018
Tournament Format Single Elimination
3 Games Guaranteed Weather Permitting, no playoffs, all games have 1 hour and 45 minute drop dead time limit.
ECTB will randomly select teams and seed them. If you win, you advance. If you loose, you are out. (Game Guarantee based on Weather Permitting).
City Lehigh Valley, PA
State Pennsylvania
Age cut off? Yes, 5/1/2018
Max player on roster 20
Bat Type Wood
(Please see Rulebook for specific bat restrictions.)
Field Size Bases: 90'
Pitching mound: 60' 6"
Equipment required
by participants
Baseballs provided by ECTB
Deadline for entries 7/3/2018
Sold out in the past? YES
When will game
times be available?
after 9:00 AM on Thursday, July 5th
Checks payable to: ECTB
1008 S. Howard St
Allentown, PA 18103

Field Locations

Field Name Location  
ECTB Stadium Allentown, PA Current weather


All ECTB tournaments are Stay and Play type events. All team's requiring hotel arrangements MUST book through Creative Travel Group! You can make your teams hotel arrangements through Creative Travel Group by clicking on the following link; http://creativetravelgroup.com/showcases or by contacting our personal housing coordinator Peggy at 813-875-4155 ext. 303 or by email at Peggy@Creativetravelgroup.com.

Sponsor Information

Event sponsor Creative Travel Group ( http://creativetravelgroup.com/showcases)
Event affiliates none

Miscellaneous Information

Event facilities *Field Locations are subject to change due to availability, weather, etc. Please contact the ECTB office with any questions**

Event history ECTB has been hosting and sanctioning Travel tournaments for 19 years. Please review the ECTB Color Key on the ECTB website to determine the type of event your team is registering for.
Event procedures ECTB will REQUIRE ALL Teams to submit a Team/Coach Waiver at EACH EVENT they participate in!!!

1. Coach will need to log on to his Team Administration page and enter his Initial Roster
2. Once you have entered your Main Roster you will need to select the players that are participating in the event you are scheduled to play in.
3. Once you have selected your Event Roster you will need to print out your Team Waiver.
4. You will need to obtain a parent signature for each player that is participating in that event.
5. Each coach must also sign the waiver if they will be coaching on the field or in the dugout during the game.
6. If you have a bat boy, the child's parent must sign for them as well.
7. The Team/Coach Waiver must be taken with you to the tournament and turned in to the Assigned Field Director at your 1st game of the event.
8. Your Game will NOT start until this Waiver is completed and turned in to the Field Director at your 1st game!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
9. If your team is planning on participating in multiple events you can print an initial Waiver, obtain parent and coach signatures and make multiple photo-copies of the Waiver (omitting the Tournament Name and Dates) and then you can fill in the Event Name and dates for each event so that you do not need to obtain signatures for each event.


1. Your team must provide proof of insurance listing ECTB (1008 South Howard Street Allentown, PA 18103) as Additional Insured.
2. If your team purchased Full Season insurance thru ECTB you have met your insurance requirement and do not need to provide anything to ECTB regarding your Insurance.
Rules It is important to review ECTB's online Rulebook, Policies & Procedure Manual found by going to www.ectb.org and clicking on the INFORMATION Link on the lefthand side of the home page. BE WELL INFORMED of ALL policies & procedures that may effect your team BEFORE registering your team for any events and leagues.

Please refer to the ECTB Rulebook found on our website - www.ectb.org. All rules not addressed in the ECTB Rulebook will follow the Major League Rulebook.
Event updates Tentative schedules will be posted on the website several days prior to the start of the event. Once a schedule becomes official changes will only be made based on weather, loss of field, or any unforeseen situation that would require additional changes be made.

Contact Information

Name Elite Championship Tournament Baseball - Official Event
Phone number 610-841-9505
Email address info@ectb.org

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