How to Add your Roster

The roster & waiver is found under your logon homepage, you will click on the "Create or Modify Team Roster" link and then the “add a new player to this roster” link. Fill out the requested information & submit it by clicking the “add this player to my roster” button at the bottom of the page. Do this step until all players have been added to your roster; you may have up to 24 players on a general roster.

Then go back to your homepage (Welcome, Joe Smith!) & click on the link for the specific tourney (Registered for these tournaments) "ECTB Memorial Day Classic (10U)..." this brings you to the Tournament Options page where you then need to click on the link "View/Submit Event Roster", when this comes up you will notice a box to the left of each players name that you previously entered. You need to click in that box for each player that will be participating in the specific tourney & click the button “Update Tournament Roster”, this will email us your roster & take you to a page that reads, “ECTB Team Rosters” & tell you that it has been updated. Below on that same page it will give you the option to print out your Team Waiver by clicking on the link, “Print Team Waiver Form”. This will bring up the form your players on your team's roster. Once you click print you are then required to have this form signed by your player's parents & and submit the waiver either by fax or mail to our office prior to your first tournament.

Now that you've created your main roster online you only have to submit for each tourney.

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