Tournament Registration Deposit


ECTB has a Registration Deposit option for teams that don't want to be shut out of an event but that can't afford to pay months in advance. The Registration Deposit will allow these teams the opportunity to secure a spot for a small deposit.


A team contact can log onto the website with their username and password and select a tournament and then select that  tournaments Registration Deposit which is (nonrefundable) on as many events as he so wishes. This deposit will secure his team's spot in that event age bracket.  The balance of the entry fee (less the deposit) is due no later then sixty (60) days prior to the start of the event. As long as the balance is received before the sixty (60) day deadline, the team's spot remains secured.


If a team puts a deposit on an event, securing their team a spot, BUT does not pay the balance by the sixty (60) day deadline, their deposit will expire and the team will be removed from the secured spot in the event. A team can always re register for the event (if there is space still available) BUT they will be required to pay the full entry fee. The initial deposit is lost.


ECTB has an automated email system set up for teams' that have a Registration Deposit on file. Our system will send an email to the email address of the contact/s for the team one (1) week prior to the sixty (60) day deadline and again the day of the balance due.  Teams should be sure to submit their entry fee balance prior to this deadline in order not to lose their spot as well as their deposit.


Once all initial spots are taken (by either full entry fee payment or Registration Deposits) teams will be able to still register on a WAITING LIST. The Waiting List places teams that pay their full entry fee as priority registrations. Teams can still pay a deposit on the Waiting List BUT teams that have paid their full entry fee will move up into the bracket first if the bracket is opened up to additional teams or if a team drops out of the secured bracket (either by not paying their balance before the sixty day deadline or withdrawing from the event). A team that has paid a Registration Deposit on the Waiting List can upgrade his payment by paying the balance and then will take the next seniority spot on the Waiting List behind teams that have already paid in full.


Teams in the actual bracket by way of full entry fee payment or Registration Deposit are registered by the date of their initial payment. A team that pays their full entry fee does not move ahead of a team that has submitted a deposit in the actual bracket. The only time a team that submits full entry fee payment has seniority over a team with a Registration Deposit is on the Waiting List.


Teams that wish to use the Registration Deposit option must be aware that their current season Registration Membership MUST be paid by credit card before they will be able to access the Registration Deposit option. Teams who chose to pay a Registration Deposit by Credit Card will be automatically guaranteed a spot in the event of their choice all other Registration Deposits paid by check or money order will be credited by the date the ECTB Office receives your check.


Teams that have submitted a Registration Deposit need to be aware that should they decide to withdraw from the event, they may do so as long as it is done prior to the sixty day deadline. The Registration Deposit is NONREFUNDABLE!!!!


Once a team has paid their entry fee balance, they should follow the policies outlined in the ECTB Rulebook related to teams withdrawing from an event and refunds.