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C9. WEATHER INSURANCE (Effective 5/1/12) : ECTB/VSC offers teams participating in OFFICIAL ECTB events (listed in RED or Black on the website) the option to purchase WEATHER INSURANCE for an additional $50/event/entry fee. This will ensure a team that if an Official event is canceled due to weather PRIOR to the event starting (NO Games started / Event is canceled in advance to ANY team taking the field), Team who purchases Weather Insurance will be issued a 100% voucher at both cash and credit values. They can opt to cash in for a full refund or apply the credit towards a future OFFICIAL Event.
 1. When registering for an OFFICIAL ECTB/VSC event, the website will automatically add the $50 Weather Insurance into the entry fee. If a team does NOT want to add Weather Insurance, the team must OPT OUT of the Weather Insurance which will take the additional $50 off their entry fee. Here are the policies in effect for purchasing Weather Insurance :
  a. Weather Insurance is only available to be purchased up to seven (7) days prior to the event start. Once the event is within seven (7) days of starting, Weather Insurance is no longer available to purchase for that particular Official event.
  b. If a team opts to purchase Weather Insurance for an Official event and that event is rained/snowed out or canceled PRIOR to the event ever starting, the team will be issued a FULL 100% Voucher at both cash & credit value.
  c. If a team opts to purchase Weather Insurance, the team will receive a 100% cash & Credit voucher value as long as their team did NOT start One (1) game (refer to definition of “game started”). Once Team who purchased weather insurance “starts” a game, Weather Insurance is null/void and no longer applies and Teams resort back to C2: #4 Credit Vouchers only.
  d. If a team opts to purchase weather insurance and the tournament does not have any rain/snow, the weather insurance is NONREFUNDABLE. Weather insurance is just like having car insurance. Just because you don’t have a car accident does not mean the insurance company will give you the premium you paid back. Weather insurance is the same way. Once you pay the $50 / event for weather insurance, it is NONREFUNDALBE whether it is used or not. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  e. If a team opts to apply a CREDIT ONLY voucher towards an entry fee that they wish to purchase Weather Insurance for, Weather Insurance can be for that event BUT the cash value of that voucher will ONLY be issued at the ACTUAL CASH amount paid towards that entry fee. Credit only vouchers applied towards an entry fee remain ONLY CREDIT VALUE and cash cannot be requested nor will it be refunded for credit only vouchers.
C10. ECTB Administrative Fee: (Effective 5/1/2012), ECTB will not retain an Administrative fee when a tournament is canceled PRIOR to the start due to weather. The only time a fee will be retained is if a team requests a cash refund of an entry fee for an event that was canceled prior to the start due to weather and the team did not opt to purchase Weather Insurance. At that time, the team will be eligible for a 50% of the entry fee cash refunded based on the actual amount of cash paid for the entry fee. If a team applied a credit only voucher to pay the entry fee, the voucher is only credit available and no cash will be refunded. If anyone should have any further questions on how the Weather Insurance option works or how to go about purchasing it for any Official events your team is interested in participating in, please feel free to contact us at 610-841-9505

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