Need Team Insurance?

Whether you are playing locally or Travel, Leagues, and/or Tournaments with us (ECTB/In The Net) or with other organizations - YOUR team MUST BE INSURED!!! IT IS THE LAW!

ECTB has been providing HUNDREDS of teams with TEAM SEASON INSURANCE for over 16 years now! WE offer one of the LOWEST rates around!

Teams can purchase their Team Insurance for the season with LITTLE STRESS or difficulties on a USER FRIENDLY SITE! Your team's certificates will be emailed to you AND put online under ECTB's website where you can log in to retrieve them any time you need a copy.

ECTB also offers teams an UNLIMITED amount of Additional Insured certificates at the time of purchase! Often insurance companies will limit the number of certificates they will issue per team. We offer a 7 day grace period for you to confirm your team's needs and add Additional Insured certificates WITHOUT any additional cost to you! After the grace period there is a MINIMAL fee for late requests (other insurance companies can charge VERY significant late fees for this!)

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